Wim and his wife Rina with “Techno M” after their arrival from Barcelona.

Wim Muller: 50 years of passion for the Marathon.

Wim Muller started off his pigeon fancier career in 1970. Always alongside his wife, Rina, who has been a mainstay managing the loft, and nowadays with the support of his sons.

His first pigeons came from his friend Piet Schot, owner of a granddaughter of the renowned “Zilvervosje” from Rinus Meesters in De Heen, 5 kilometers away from Steenbergen, stronghold of the Jan Aarden breed.

Wim Muller, that had already read numerous books about breeding methods, was impressed with “De Kunst van het kweken” (The Art of Breeding) from Hungarian professor Alfons Anter. Wim came to the conclusion that consanguinity was the only path to achieved a superior pigeon race. For that reason, he applied Anker’s theory with that granddauther of Zilvervosje – NL69-155360. The other pigeons he counted off were pure Aarden.

In 1980, Wim Muller spotted the breeding potencial of what it will become his Super Couple: Kraag and Superduivin.

The blood line started with that Super Couple pushed Wim Muller to the top international positions in a very short period of time. The winning team consisted of a hen -“Madonna”- and four cocks – “Genaaiden”, “Adonis”, “Marseille Star” and “Hercules”.

Despite all these good results, Wim Muller still wanted to focus on creating a new winning team with the same breeding base as he believed that the most important thing was the line and not what comes from it. Moreover, in 1989, he assosiated with Hans Eijerkamp, creating the Eijerkamp-Muller loft that lasted until 2004.

In that same year, 1989, the new loft won its first national release: “First Lady” was the national winner release from Perpignan.

In 1990, “Mona Lisa” won the national yearling release in Bordeaux, and nearly was at the top of Barcelona National, winning second national with “La Signorita”. She was the only pigeon from Holland coast in the first 20 National. (Due the Strong West Wind)

In 1994, “Magic Boy” become national As Pigeon in the international releases of Barcelona, Marseille and Perpignan.

NL 47-433488 “Zilvervosje”
Raped by Toon Schouteren, De Heen
and sold to your neighbor Rinus Meesters.

3 Nat. Dax (1949)
2 Nat. Dax (1950)
27 Nat. Dax (1951)
47 Nat. Saint-Vincent (1951)
55 Nat. Saint-Vincent (1950)

In 1996 brought the third national victory: “Lady Sarina” won the Munich National.

1997 was also a great year! Eijerkamp-Muller won the European Cup for the second time. Nobody had done that before them. “Magic Boy” became International As Pigeon in five consecutive releases from Barcelona (1993-1997). Unfortunately, some time before this, “Magic Boy” stopped fecundating eggs so there are not many descendants from him.

From the 1st of January 2004, the succesful Eijerkamp-Muller team took separate ways and a new loft was born: Wim Muller and sons. As a matter of fact, both Wim Jr. and Andres are completely involved in the sport in Wilhelminadorp and that is why they should be named in the name of the loft.

Wim Muller started off with the basics, looking to develop the line of the Super Couple, specially from “Genaaiden” of whom he still had several direct descendants.

He also added to the line pigeons from the Brugemann brothers as their main cock “Orhan” was 50% Muller. Orhan’s mother was grandduther of “Madonna” and “Hercules”, consanguineous of the Super Couple. He brought direct descendants from “Orhan” to his loft in Wilhelminadorp. Some pigeons from Wim Muller also have Brugemann blood, vía Ijsbrand Kaptein, and some Van Der Wegen from Phil Steketee’s daughter of “Dax”, winner of the 5th national Dax 2001 and 1st national Dax 2002.

That new blood coming into the loft has been successful until recent years.

Some examples of these are the 2012 Barcelona release were he sent 30 pigeons and obtained 25 positions with 25% controlled. Moreover, in that same year, he achieved the 1st national Perpignan in the hen category with “Power Girl M”.

In 2013, “Lux Girl M” won the 14th national Barcelona among a great number of pigeons released. In 2015 Muller was awarded as the best loft for Barcelona releases due to the great number of titles won in the hen category. “Blue Barca Lady M” was 36th national.

In 2016, Hans Linderberg from Yerseke won the 1st national and 4th international Barcelona with a cock 50% Muller. See the pedigree of the father.

Meanwhile, “Blue Barca Lady M” led the hen team with a 92nd national Barcelona.

In 2017 Muller went back to the top after checking 6 pigeons in the top 100 from Barcelona (14th, 49th, 50th, 78th, 85th and 95th national) led by “Toreador” – 14th national – that also in 2016 was 93th national after arriving just 1 minute later than “Blue Barca Lady M)

But with no doubt, Muller will always remember the great release from Barcelona 2019 when he achieved the 4th national podium of his career. “Techno M”, 6 years old and basketed 4 times for Barcelona, won the 1st national and 7th international in a release with high temperatures and strong wind.

Son of “Genaaiden”, cornerstone of the current colony.

Wim and Rina with the trophy for the highest number of international awards in 2015.

After 50 years of pigeon sport Wim Muller has achieved every european pigeon fancier dream: winning a National Barcelona release!