Loft Cadrecha’s Brothers (blod Kuypers)

On November 4, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the II Lanzarote 2023 Pigeon Pigeon Days will be organized, in which high-level fanciers such as Freddy Vandenheede, 4-time Belgian General Champion of the KBDB and awarded with several championships, will be present. between 400 and 700km and Manuel Fernández Basterra, Absolute champion of Andalusia in 2022.

Both fanciers will actively participate in various talks: the Belgian fancier will talk about the Belgian competition system, preparation of pigeons for competitions and their flight system and the Andalusian fancier will talk about the health and preparation for Gran Fondo pigeons.

The event will end with an auction of pigeons from the Palomar Hermanos Cadrecha lines, which you can follow and participate in from our website by placing bids until its completion.

These 6 specimens are descendants of pigeons from the Kuypers line that he has in his possession and that have been successful in Asturian pigeon racing. Below we want to show some of the most outstanding specimens:


He still lives and fertilizes eggs, he is the son of “Kuypers 1”.

“Mars” is the father of “ROMULUS”
Regional Prestige of Fondo and Gran Fondo of 2 years 18-19 with 6 baskets and 6 prizes,

“Mars” is the grandfather of “CEFE”
10th Reg Cabo San Vicente 2017, AS Paloma Club 2017,
3rd AS Regional 2017;
4th AS Regional Fund 2 years 17-18
3rd AS Regional for 3 years 17-18-19

Daugther Triple AAA x PIRRI

“ANNA”‘s parents:

15th National Ace of Gran Fondo,
Ace Paloma Fondo and Gran Fondo Club and
2nd Provincial Ace 2022, 2nd Club,
2nd Regional from Cádiz 1; and 4th Club,
27th Regional Cádiz 2.


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