“Young wings”, the emergence of Rafel Gómez Font.

All the campaigns that we experience from within the pigeon fancier teach us that with dedication, perseverance and care, many milestones can be achieved, always linked to constant work. In the latest regional and national results we have seen that new fanciers are emerging throughout the national territory, but today we want to stop in the Balearic Islands.

Sil van Vliet, European Marathon Champion 2023

Youth to power. Without a doubt, the 2023 season will be remembered for the assault on the European marathon podium by young Sil van Vliet. At 24 years old he has reached the top of pigeon racing on the old continent. After a brilliant season in 2022, this year it has been intractable in the international Gran Fondo competitions.

Ton Vorselen, lover of long distance race

Introducing Ton Vorselen from Thorn is certainly no longer news to the tens of thousands of long-distance gran-distance fanciers in Europe. "Everyone" knows the quiet bearded man who lives on Nachtegaal Street, an idyllic place in 'the white town, Thorn'.

Jos Martens, Keiser Kampionen Club der Azen 2022

Without any doubt, Jos Martens has become part of a handful of Elite fanciers in Europe. This 68-year-old retiree took his first steps in sports at an early age. Descended from a family of mine workers, as was customary at the time, pigeon racing has always been a family tradition.

High performance with small basket

Wiel Schaefer is the Dutch pigeon fancier who has reached the Podium of the National Marathon 2022. This 72-year-old retiree man and 30 years of pigeon career is the brilliant winner of the most prestigious national championship of the Netherlands in the long-distance races of the European circuit. “I usually basket between 2 and 5 pigeons in each of the 7 international flights of the annual calendar”, he tells us.

Marc Schreurs, Golden letters on Barcelona 2022

Since the year of its foundation in 1978, the Brugse Barcelona club has been awarding the title of “Gouden Vleugel” (golden wing) to the first nominated pigeon in the Barcelona international race. However, this same club began in 1982 the delivery of the prestigious “Primus Inter Pares” trophy, awarded to the best pigeon classified in 5 consecutive races from Barcelona.

Robin Smeets & Piet Penris, passionate long-distance racers

Two pigeon lovers who began their journey in different years but united since 1999. We located the loft of Robin Smeets and Piet Penris in the small town of Urmond, on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. A beginning in this hopeful passion marked by good results in short distance races has led them to take an interest in long distance races, becoming fully specialized in these pigeons with the only real objective of ZLU races.

Experience and youth hand in hand. Visit Wim and Mart Derksen.

Reaching second place on the podium in a competition like the Netherlands Marathon Noord is undoubtedly an achievement. Above all, knowing in advance that its competitors include the names of Jelle Jellema, IJsbrand Kaptein, Gebr. Brugemann, Verweij-de Haan, Kees Droog, Harold Zwiers, Jan Hommes and sons, Jurrian van Amerongen, etc.

Sandra & Toon Deckers Speech in the XI Jornadas de Colombofilia Villa de Adeje 2021

Last 4th of December, the XI Conference of Colombofília of the Villa de Adeje took place in which, among other events, a speech on the preparation of the pigeons for the distances of Gran Fondo took place by the hand of Sandra & Antoon Deckers, 2021 National Grand Fund Champion in the Netherlands. In it he leaves us many details of his day-to-day life in his loft, information that we have found very interesting and that we now share with you.

Our North Holland star: speaking with Gertjan Rigter

La foto de arriba fue tomada por la mañana por mi esposa Carolina. Sin saber que esa tarde veríamos a nuestra “Riet” caer desde el cielo hacia el palomar como un cometa después de un vuelo de 1240 km,  alcanzando el pódium como 2ª Nacional Barcelona. Esta vez mi padre la vió venir, lo cual no logró la semana anterior con “Jannie” el 2º nacional Agen ZLU.

Success Story for a short career: Inne Balleux & Dirk Vander Motte

She actually took over the pigeon game from her partner who had already stopped for several years. Due to his health, he was temporarily unable to give them the care they needed and, in the beginning, Inne just started feeding the pigeons, but after a while she started to get more and more interested in the pigeon game. I started in 2015 in Binkom in the Long Distance and Extreme Long-Distance races with yearlings. Her start in 2015 was well worth it, with a 65% prize percentage and a lot of second and third places in the championships.

A little pice of racing pigeons history: International Barcelona Race

Next friday July 9th 2021, it will be writen a new page in the worldwide race for the long dístance marathon lovers: the Barcelona International. During the last 70 years, Cureghem Centre club has been the wellkown organizer (1951-2020). This year Club Entente Belge will run the Great honor to organize the event.

We can only say: Thank you! team wants to thank your active participation in Isbrand Kaptein’s auction. The process has been carried out with great professionalism, achieving magnificent results. Thanks to each and every one of you!

We talk with the “Keiser Grote Fond”: Ijsbrand Kaptein

The 61-year-old Akersloot fancier has been a household name in Gran Fondo Marathon pigeon racing for decades. He has won numerous head prices on flights of more than 900 km and has frequently remained at the top of the podium in major national and international competitions on the European circuit.

Boonen brother, more than 20 years in pigeon racing

Since 1981 in the world of pigeon racing, the Boonen brothers (Johan & Wil) have excelled in many national and international races in Europe, which leads us to be interested in their way of working and breeding. One of the best lofts in the Netherlands that we have been able to access and know first-hand.

Express news

Jose María Vázquez Gavito, 1º Regional Cabezas de San Juan Long Distance 2023

Jose María Vázquez Gavito, from Aviles, has been the regional winner of the National long-distance race held on July 2 from Las Cabezas de San Juan (Seville). The Asturian convoy made up of 196 pigeons from six clubs in the region was released at 7.15 in the morning, our great friend Antonio Hernandez acting as collaborator and witness.

David Castro, winner of Concurso Interprovincial de Gran Fondo (CLADN)

The young pigeon fancier, David Castro, from the little village in north León Province, Robles de la Valcueva, was the winner of the Classic interprovincial long-distance race (known as CLADN) CLADN). On Thursday 22nd June the 285 pigeons basketed were liberated at 07:30 from San Fernando (Cádiz).

Johan Boonen (Boonen Brothers) 1º National Barcelona 2021 in Holland

The little village of Buggenum in the Limburg province (Holland) has been returned to the headlines in the pigeon news, because today Johan Boonen has crowned as National Barcelona champion in the 2021 edition. The blue 2-year-old hen was clocked at 07.14 this morning, Monday July 12th, after a race of 1,112.6 Km achieving an average speed of 1.020 meters per minute.