Mark, with “Sarita” Primus Inter Pares 2018-2022, quite an achievement in Belgium racing pigeon.

Marc Schreurs, Golden letters on Barcelona 2022

Since the year of its foundation in 1978, the Brugse Barcelona club has been awarding the title of “Gouden Vleugel” (golden wing) to the first nominated pigeon in the Barcelona international race. However, this same club began in 1982 the delivery of the prestigious “Primus Inter Pares” trophy, awarded to the best pigeon classified in 5 consecutive races from Barcelona. In the first edition, the winner was Emiel Denys with his world-famous cock “Tee”, that won also the “Gouden Vleugel”. Only a bunch of exceptional animals manage to achieve this feat. Specifically, this year there were 31 pigeons that formed the finalist ranking.

In this 2022 edition of Barcelona International, the historical feat corresponds to the Schreurs-Hauben loft, since it is the first time that a loft manages to win the coveted “PRIMUS INTER PARES” award on 3 occasions. In 2005, Marc got the podium for the first time with his female “Birgit” Belg1999-5094172; in 2010, the winner was “Aurora” Belg2004-5028584; and this year, he reaches glory with his check hen “Sarita”.

The difficulty of winning this trophy is evident, since, in 41 years of history, only three fanciers have managed to win it twice. The first to achieve it was Maurice Borgers from Schulen (1989 and 1993 editions); he was followed by the late Roger Florizoone from Nieuwpoort (1994 and 1997 editions) and Jos Cleeren from Zepperen (2006 and 2012 editions).

This year Marc Schreurs has raised the bar for the most famous race on the international circuit by winning his third “PRIMUS INTER PARES” trophy with his seven-year-old female “Sarita”, ring BE15-2251766 and a distance of 1,100 km. Here is her record

⭐️318th National 2018 against 7438 pigeons

⭐️329th National 2019 against 7301 pigeons

⭐️226th National 2020 against 6178 pigeons

⭐️330th National 2021 against 6913 pigeons

⭐️423rd National 2022 against 6560 pigeons

Congratulations Marc!!

Mark achieved with “Birgit” the 1st Primus Inter Pares in 2005.

Then it was “Aurora” his 2nd Primus Inter Pares in 2010.

And finally, “Sarita”, 1st Primus Inter Pares 2022.


1982Denys EmielZulte4415211/761382 pnt
1983Norman N & FKnokke3196145/76632 pnt
1984V/D Haesvelde Gebr.Mater4665359/781856 pnt
1985Pollin MarcSnellegem3305057/79954 pnt
1986Deneufbourg YvonEstinnes446905/801412 pnt
1987Nottebaert A.Deinze4668081/741341 pnt
1988Hétru GilbertKain609297/81622 pnt
1989Borgers M. & J.-Schulen5217965/822111 pnt
1990Thaens MartinBree5167102/844392 pnt
1991Ockier MarcelKortrijk3260453/844229 pnt
1992Vanlangenhove G.Meerbeke4954324/844018 pnt
1993Borgers Maurice & JSchulen5242111/874408 pnt
1994Florizoone RogerNieuwpoort3237820/873309 pnt
1995Verscheuren MauritsKnesselare3288150/87966 pnt
1996Roosen ProsKermt5328339/901903 pnt
1997Florizoone RogerNieuwpoort3152165/90839 pnt
1998Sierens-V/D BroekeZwevegem3193543/931344 pnt
1999Meremans StefaanZottegem4547562/92866 pnt
2000Simons A. & ZnMaaseik5178243/943864 pnt
2001Notaris Jan DonsKapelle/Bos2282321/941594 pnt
2002Ruers WimMaaseik5317760/951295 pnt
2003De Kock LudoMeerle6496628/963151 pnt
2004Bils AlbertKersbeek2137828/971680 pnt
2005Schreurs-HaubenAs5094172/991669 pnt
2006Jos CleerenZepperen5146567/992394 pnt
2007Ivan CallebertZarren3236278/012476 pnt
2008Nouwen-PaesenPeer5176800/022423 pnt
2009Pierre DaenenTongeren5243101/004892 pnt
2010Schreurs-HaubenAs5028584/042711 pnt
2011Desbuquois GebrKap. o/d Bos2251185/052667 pnt
2012Jos CleerenZepperen5094460/062684 pnt
2013Luyckx Raf & LarsGeel3067007/021635 pnt
2014Marcel PlatteauxPuurs6356495/083451 pnt
2015Buelens LievenScherpen2029169/083414 pnt
2016Van Lerberghe J.Oostvleteren3035347/091718 pnt
2017Deprez EricGits3166338/102601 pnt
2018Vanarwegen LucMol6235745/102371 pnt
2019Quirynen AndyHoevenen6141209/091606 pnt
2020De Smeyter RestiaenMelden4263816/142543 pnt
2021Devlaminck EricHulste3043149/151598 pnt
2022Schreurs-HaubenAs2251766/201523.661 pnt