Some of the best pigeon fanciers in the territory of Galicia have donated some pigeons from their best lines to the Galician Pigeon Pigeon Federation in order to defray part of the expenses of this 2023 campaign. All of them are in Galician territory, so the Management of payments and shipments to the winning users of each bid will remain in the hands of the Galician federation.

As there are many pigeons donated by Galician fanciers, the entire auction will be divided into two lots of 15 pigeons each. Each pigeon has a starting price of €100, as we have been doing since the beginning of

Each lot will be published on the dates indicated at the bottom.

Finally, the Galician Pigeon Pigeon Federation would like to thank the pigeon fanciers who have made their help available to carry out this auction for their cooperation and donation.

Lot Nº 1

Start: 7th October 18:00h  –  End: 21th October 18:00h

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