Armando Herrera, 1º Insular Alta Mar (Group 2 – 910km) in Tenerife

It is not surprising to see the classifications of the Canarian Federation of Colombofilia and find the name of Armando Herrera among the first classified. And this occasion is no exception.

GOOD NEWS from Galicia

Kaptein – Soeterbroek, 15º National Agen 2022 in Holland

Always in the first positions of the classifications of the European Marathon races. Ijsbrand Kaptein & Tijmen Soeterbroek sneak back into the TOP 50 in one of the toughest races on the European poster: Agen.

Toni, man of high flights

Jose María Vázquez Gavito, AS Provincial Pigeon Short y Mid Fond 2021

José María Vázquez Gavito with “El 70”, ESP 2018/222970, AS Provincial Pigeon Short y Mid Fond 2021. Winner of 4 prices of 4 races.

Isidro Fernández AS Prestigio Regional Long Distance in 2 years 2019-2021

Isidro Fernández with “CRISTINA” ESP 2018/219738 AS Prestigio Regional Long Distance in 2 years 2019-2021. 5 winner of 5 races; among them 7° Regional (Isla Cristina I) and 3° Regional (Isla Cristina II).

Luis Nozal AS Pigeon Regional Long Distance 3 years

Luis Nozal Nava con “Chinita” anilla ESP 2017/252104, AS Prestigio Regional de Fondo y Gran Fondo de tres años2018-2019 y 2021. 6 premios de 6 encestes con un coeficiente de 1,7281.

Jose Agustín Bernardo AS Regional Absolute Pigeon 2021

Jose Agustín Bernardo with “INVICTUS” ESP 2020/286259, AS Regional Absolute Pigeon 2021. Winner of 7 awards of 7 race; 13th Regional (Isla Cristina I) and 8th Regional (Isla Cristina II).

Roberto & René González AS Regional Pigeon Long Distance 2021 in Asturias

Roberto and René González with “Don Juan” ESP 2020/291415, AS Regional Pigeon of Long Distance 2021. Winner of the 3rd Regional (Isla Cristina I) and 1st Regional (Isla Cristina II); and candidate for National AS of Long Distance.