Armando, with 1º Insular, control in day at 8:30 PM.

Armando Herrera, 1º Insular Alta Mar (Group 2 – 910km) in Tenerife

It is not surprising to see the classifications of the Canarian Federation of Colombofilia and find the name of Armando Herrera among the first classified. And this occasion is no exception.

Armando gets 1º Insular (Group 2) in Alta Mar, controlling his first pigeon 20:30h. Quite an achievement considering the distance traveled (almost 910km) and added the difficulty of the flights over the sea.

Our most sincere congratulations, Armando!!

Father of winner, Ronnie Williamson (GB) blod.

Mother of winner, Gebroeders Brugemann (NL) blod.