Toni, man of high flights

Racing pigeon sport is in mourning. Great Jose Antonio Fernández Iglesias (Toni) has left us, after spending his 84 years of existence in favor of our sport. His love for pigeon racing has made him the ambassador of Asturias in all the countries of the world. Recognized with the National Sports Merit Medal. Honorary member of the Brugse Barcelona Club and the Cureghem Center for his great empathy and friendship with the fanciers of central Europe, special mention for Emile Matterne and Alfons Bauwens.

I borrow the words of his colleagues from the Oviedo Club, when in 1972 they wrote in their yearbook “we thank and celebrate the return of Toni to the presidency of our club, for his worth, work, love for pigeons, gift of people, great fans and greater Asturianism that united us with the national pigeon racing, after celebrating in our city the VII National Exhibition of the Racing Pigeon in 1971”.

Our condolences, affection and closeness to Azucena, Ana and Jose and the whole family.

Fly high, Toni, into eternity. We will meet soon.