A little pice of racing pigeons history: International Barcelona Race

Next friday July 9th 2021, it will be writen a new page in the worldwide race for the long dístance marathon lovers: the Barcelona International.

During the last 70 years, Cureghem Centre club has been the wellkown organizer (1951-2020). This year Club Entente Belge will run the Great honor to organize the event.

When in 1951 Cureghem Centre started as Barcelona race responsable, there was not so easy and many difficulties were found. The 1956 edition was a rather special one due to the puur number of basketing pigeons, only 885, and there were plans to put an end to it. But then, in 1957, nobody knew why, suddenly 3,350 birds participated. 1957 was also the first year that the winner was a German.

Then, in 1959, the Dutch were allowed to participate and this was the beginning of a great story, THE GREAT STORY OF BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL HAD BEING STARTED.1993 edition was the one with the highest number of pigeons liberated with 33.044 entries; and the Great podium was taken by the legend dutch fancier, Jan Theelen, with his super hen “Rikky”.

Super birds would win and… would never come back home.

These are some figures and names about the famous race.

Results of Barcelona International after the 2nd World War

YearNº pigeonsTime releasedPigeon fancierCountry winnerDistance (km)AGE of winner
19481.200M. WuytsBELGIUM1095
19492.401H. BerlengeeBELGIUM10564
1950R. TantBELGIUM1101
19512039Jos BoelsBELGIUM1089
19522025Oscar DevriendBELGIUM10803
19532175V/d BergheBELGIUM1054
19551080Denis AdonisBELGIUM9784
1956885O. Van BiervlietBELGIUM10355
19573350G. StaudtGERMANY10512
19583756Gilbert V/de WegheBELGIUM10684
19594184Marcel DesmetBELGIUM10634
19604441Albert MoninBELGIUM9694
19613578Martin KrauthHOLAND10907
19623300Ad DemaretsBELGIUM1.0514
19633599Ad DemaretsBELGIUM1.0515
19643845Deraedt Van-GrembergenBELGIUM10816
19654036D. van BommelHOLAND11916
19664343Andre van BruaneBELGIUM10445
19674078L. PlancquaertBELGIUM10874
19685348Ross JurgenGERMANY10945
19698267M+J OpsomerBELGIUM10573
19706781Desmet LippensBELGIUM11113
19717384M. HulsHOLAND10934
19727293D. RoelandtBELGIUM10775
1973851506.00Jef CarlensBELGIUM10784
197410.273E. SutorGERMANY10983
19758301A CallebertBELGIUM10682
19761101606.40R. FlorizooneBELGIUM10806
197710.502R. ChristenLUXEMBOURG9544
197811.131J. GryspeerBELGIUM10524
197912.201R. GyselinckBELGIUM10734
19801363608.00J. HendriksHOLAND12424
19811320208.40Cor WillegersHOLAND11406
19821560508.10Gebr PeermansBELGIUM10823
19831214607.40Paul GilmontBELGIUM10182
19841303307.45Andre van BruaneBELGIUM10445
198517060J & P VervischBELGIUM10504
198618076German SchlomerGERMANY11296
198721545Chretien VanoppenBELGIUM10762
19882119409.40Wim van LeeuwenHOLAND11713
19892550210.10Kerstin & Dirk BohmGERMANY10684
19902812808.40Uwe HermesGERMANY11212
199127167Jean Luc van RoyBELGIUM10453
19922706808.20Martin BiemansHOLAND11524
19933319609.20Jan TheelenHOLAND11283
19942680708.20Rene VerborgBELGIUM10474
19952093608.20R & A GyselbrechtBELGIUM10843
199724908Valentin VanheusdenBELGIUM10872
19982413909.00Kipp & SohneGERMANY9553
19992809509.40Joop TorremanHOLAND11717
20002659708.00Comb HoutekamerHOLAND11392
20012576009.10Sybille HeymannHOLAND11413
20022694409.10Comb RBB GardienHOLAND11904
20032020409.00Freres FaucheBELGIUM10454
20042491309.30Vrosch MeyersHOLAND11004
20052581509.10Cyrille SchaschkowFRANCE9432
20062288709.30Gerard van TuylHOLAND11863
20072571609.50Menne & TochterGERMANY12003
20082370809.45Danny VangenendenBELGIUM10762
20092766909.45Comb W & M van HoutenHOLAND12054
20102575009.45Burkhard HellerGERMANY10983
20112606610.00Comb Boogaard -van BuurenHOLAND12374
20122532014.00Philippe DeuFRANCE10435
20132529409.30Luc WielsBELGIUM10575
20142116909.00Jelle JellemaHOLAND12583
20151908307.40P Cuffels & FilsFRANCE9173
20161773211.15Lothar LesmeisterGERMANY9816
20171709409.05Leen RoksHOLAND11487
20181570709.00Team Freddy de JaegerBELGIUM10873
20191598109.50Jeroen & Stijn RansBELGIUM10833
20201458908.50Alin KarscuGERMANY10052

Jan Theelen, 1º International Barcelona 1993 of 33.196 pigeons, pigeon record at this time.

Alin Karscu, 1º International Barcelona 2020, last winner of this race.

In order: Alin Karscu, pigeon, wing and pedigree.

The Barcelona race is worth witnessing, with an incredible display of infrastructure, with a beautiful image of each of the pigeons looking for the victory.